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Who's The Fish Here???

Whether it is the middle of Muskie season or we are 'ice bound', Muskie Fever can still really take hold of us all. We find ourselves dreaming of open expanses of water where monster Muskie are snapping at our lures and providing us the thrill of a lifetime. We find ourselves looking longingly at our tackle boxes and the lures that are in our arsenal and wondering if, perhaps, we should add a lure or two...More

What Price Muskie???

So you want to fish Muskie. Are you ready to pay the price? What price? The price to re-outfit your tackle to handle the most tenacious fresh water sport fish. That bass tackle you’ve got just doesn’t have the guts…so you will need to invest in some new tackle...More

Tackle Management: Inventory Time

It’s time to inventory all the baits that we have in order to make our time on the water productive. You are probably thinking that this is almost an impossible task. I thought that at first too. If you are like the average musky fisherman (If there is such a creature), you have many weapons, some call them tools, in your cherished collection...More

Rich Reinert - Wisconsin Musky Expo Organizer

With all of the other Musky shows that punctuate the off season, I was curious why Rich Reinert decided to make the personal commitment required to organize a successful Musky Expo. To satisfy my curiosity, I sat down with Rich to get his perspective. I asked Rich what motivated him to create the Wisconsin Musky Expo.

"Well, to be honest, I was disappointed with the way the usual Musky Expos had evolved.  Being a Northern Wisconsin resident, I found myself having to brave the winter weather to drive to Chicago or Milwaukee and found myself seeing the same large retailers and hearing the same spiel from the same seminar speakers. I thought to myself; I Can Do Better."...More

Picking The Right Rod For Muskie

If you are a newcomer to Muskie fishing it's easy to pick a rod to catch Muskie with. If you are a regular Muskie fisherman, you are too set in your ways to make a change and nothing will convince you otherwise. But just for the heck of it, try a lighter rod one day, and notice with what ease you will be fishing and at the end of the day you won't feel so tired out...More

Tackle Industries Rods

Looking for a rod for the 2018 season?…Consider any of the Tackle Industries Rods on the Jackson Lures Online Store.

I field tested the 7’6” MH Medium (Medium Action) in 2017 and I was not disappointed. The full-grip rod was easy to handle and light enough to cast all day...More

Touching Up The Wood

The traditional Muskie angler loves his/her wooden lures. Many Muskie anglers will tell you that the wood provides the lure with the type of action that plastic or composite lures cannot match. I will not debate the issue here. In this article I will provide some suggestions for conditioning your wooden lures so that they remain effective...More

It's A Simple Modification

There seems to have emerged some additional interest in the practice of heat shrinking the tail hook on Musky lures. Supposedly, this will position the hook for a higher hookup percentage but there are no facts to support the "marketing hype". What we do know is that Musky will seek to attack their prey in mid-body. A mid-body attack makes a 'fixed position' tail hook less likely to be part of a 'hook-up'...More

Re-shafting Your Bucktail

Over the course of a Muskie season, our lures take one heck of a beating. They are stepped upon, they have heavy objects set upon them; not to mention being abused by our Muskie friend. Probably, among the most used lure in a tackle box is the bucktail. In this article we will go through the steps required to disassemble, re-hook, re-shaft and re-assemble a bucktail...More

Making Sure Your Drag Works

Probably the most important tool of Musky fishing is your reel and the most important function of your reel is the drag system. When you are in the heat of a confrontation with a Musky, you must be able to “play” the fish. That means that you must be able to give it line to prevent straightening a hook and keep pressure on the Musky to prevent it from throwing a hook. Your reel’s drag system is an indispensible element to successfully boating a Musky...More

Winter Is Upon Us !!!

The evenings are getting colder and ice is already creeping its way out from the shore. The Musky season is over on the Chippewa Flowage once the ice is in. Many Musky anglers also enjoy the winter season on the Chippewa Flowage. The Hayward area is host to some of the best cross-country skiing anywhere. Snowmobiling is also high on the list of winter enthusiasts. Musky America would like you to consider these two fine resorts as you make your winter plans...More

Putting A Hook Hanger To Work !!!

The hooks hanger is typically used as a method to suspend a hook from the body of your lure. The draw back to the hook hanger is the possibility that the screws will, over time, back out (When was the last time you checked them for snugness). The alternate method for suspending a hook from your lure is through the use of a screweye; the screweye too has the potential to loosen over time. Enter the hook hanger again. You can easily modify a hook hanger and use it to prevent a screweye from backing out...More